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"... highly assured... impressively staged..." - Screen Daily

"...clever plot twists and decoys keep both the story and the science intriguing..." - Daily Variety

"... unnerving..." - 3.5 stars! - Film Threat

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The Story

High atop the world in his remote mountain cabin, Dr. Franklin Vick is engaged in highly unethical medical research.

His field of expertise: resurrection.

His test subject: Adam Schmidt — a troubled medical student who volunteers to be killed again and again in the name of science.

Together, the doctor and his new assistant work in snowbound isolation, perfecting their death tactics before unleashing their discovery to the world. But there's a problem: Death has its side effects

The Skinny

Subject Two is a haunting psychological thriller produced by Cardiac Pictures and Chabo Films, and directed by Philip Chidel from his own original screenplay. The film stars Christian Oliver and Dean Stapleton. After premiering as a Midnight Movie at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, Subject Two won the Audience Award at the Silver Lake Film Festival and was named Best Feature at the London International Festival of Science Fiction & Fantasy Film.

The independent feature was shot entirely on location in and above Aspen, Colorado. In the winter. Atop the mountains at a height of 12000'. Eight miles from civilization. With no electricity and no running water. With a cast and crew of only 9 people. And it took an hour-and-a-half snowmobile caravan just to get to the location. Yes... it was cold.

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